Online workshop with Abhijata Iynegar

German association of Iyengar yoga organizes an online workshop with Abhijata Iyengar, in English. The workshop is eligible for all students of the Iyengar yoga with at least one year of practice. The registration is already open, the workshop itself will be organized using a Zoom platform.

Abhijata Iyengar adressing pandemic situation

My dear friends, We are now in a time and situation that we never imagined. We always believed it has happened to “them” and will not happen to “us”. Time tells us that each one is as vulnerable as the other. The whole world, as one body, is deeply affected. Just like everybody else, I am also deeply concerned with the way things are turning out. None of us knows for certain what lies ahead of us, but I am sure that this too shall Continue reading →

9 new Iyengar Yoga Teachers in the Czech Republic

During the last winter weekend (17.-18. 3. 2018), there were final Introductory Iyengar yoga exams in the Prague Iyengar Yoga Institute. The assessors came from the UK, Russia and Hungary. Teacher candidates practised 61 asanas, demonstrated 15 mins of teaching and demonstrated safe and knowledgeable teaching of inversions (shoulderstand and headstand). We welcome 9 new Introductory teachers in the Czech Iyengar yoga community !

Death of Václav Hošek

With great sorrow, we announce that Václav Hošek, long-year teacher and student of yoga and yoga and its great exponent in the Czech Republic. Vaclav was practicing yoga for more than 50 years and during that time, not only that he lead a lot of classes and brought a lot of people to yoga study, but he also made a lot of effort to support yoga education. He started his school of yoga in Plzeň in the year 1992, he participated in establishing Yoga union Continue reading →

Web online!

On 25. january we have started a new version of webpage of Czech association of Iyengar yoga. We are working on the content (especially in the english version), so please excuse us when some data are missing.

Advanced Senior II

Syllabus Asana Buddhasana Kapilasana Kala Bhairavasana Dwi Pada Sirsasana Yogadandasana (konečné stádium) Paripurna Matsyendrasana Kandasana Supta Trivikramasana Valakhilyasana  Rajakapotasana  Padangustha Dhanurasana  Sirsa Padasana  Gherandasana  I & II  Ganda Bherundasana  Viparita Salabhasana  Triang Mukhottanasana Pranayama Nadi Sodhana  –  stupně IV a & IV b   Jelikož to jsou variace Pranayamy , je potřeba být u všech těchto stupňů v kontaktu s učitelem, protože studenti mohou potřebovat určité vedení a reakci na jejich problémy. Ale pro pravidelné cvičení je třeba udržovat Ujjayi, Anuloma, Pratiloma a Nadi Sodhana. Continue reading →